Digital Everyday Conference Programme

Registration and Refreshments
10.30-11.00The Entrance Hall, King’s Building
Opening Keynote: Judy Wajcman. Chaired by Paolo Gerbaudo

With Alessandro Gandini and Zeena Feldman

The digital day: how are digital media redefining everyday rhythms and routines?


Edmond J. Safra Lecture Theatre


Lunch Break
Session one


Edmond J. Safra Lecture Theatre Nash Lecture Theatre



Digital Labour


Chaired by Alessandro Gandini


Daniel Ashton and Karen Patel: Vlogging labour: everyday and always on


Carleigh Morgan: Bodies In Absentia: Gig Workers’ Voices in Critiques of Platform Economies


Brooke Duffy: Branding Your (Future) Self on Social Media: Discourses of Employability in a Gig Economy
Wing Fai Leung: Freelancing globally: Chinese Upworkers as an emerging virtual workforce


Jamie Woodcock: The new digital everyday of work: platforms and the algorithmic panopticon


Digital Self


Chaired by Paolo Gerbaudo


Alessandro Caliandro: Smartphone use: between virtual and augmented sociality and toward a fluid construction of identity


Ian Tucker: Digital mental health: Affective milieus of the everyday


Rachael Kent: Social Media and Self-Tracking: Representing the ‘Health Self’


Ana Minozzo: The Face of Anxiety: Digital life, style and the self


Marcus Gilroy-Ware: Filling the Void: understanding social media usage as depressive hedonia
Audrey Samson: Digital Data Funerals




Digital Love


Chaired by Zeena Feldman


Jamie Hakim: Chemsex: hook-up apps and queer collectivity in neoliberal times.


Alison Winch: ‘just hanging out with you in my back yard’: Mark Zuckerberg and Mediated Paternalism


Ulla Autenrieth: Family life in the networked age. How the digitalization of communication affects intra-familial relations.


Regner Ramos: Digital Residue: Redefining queer presence in urban space through Grind




Coffee break


Chapters (2nd floor King’s Building)

Session two


Edmond J.Safra Lecture Theatre Nash Lecture Theatre K2.40

Digital Surveillance


Chaired by Mark Cote


Samuel Forsythe: Quieting the Niche: on Dataveillance and Everyday Resistance


Nicola Bozzi: Stereotype Culture – Tagging as a techno-cultural tool


Tanya Kant: Fertile space: algorithmic anticipation of user gender and targeted advertising on YouTube


Pinelopi Troullinou, Alessandro Adamou and Mathieu d’Aquin: Everyday digital learning: quantifying or qualifying the digital learner


Claire Tupling: The datafication of student life. The ethical landscape of students as data subjects



Digital Play


Chaired by Carleigh Morgan


Daniel Chavez Heras: The quiet pleasures of local networks: Against Massive Online Multiplayer Games


Rob Gallagher: Everyday Play: Digital Games, Quotidian Rhythms


Tiziano Bonini, Alessandro Caliandro and Guido Anselmi: Explorers or algorithmically driven listeners? Employing Digital Methods to understand how pop music spreads.


Digital Place


Chaired by Bridget Conor


Gaetano Sabato: Geo Tagging and the digital everyday: a geo-anthropological perspective on some spatial dynamics


Mike Duggan: Constituting a socio-technical sense of place: digital maps and everyday mobile practices


Raul Castro: Poplitics: New Media Rituals and Online Mobilization in Disenchanted Peru


Noureddine Miladi: Digital Youth in Qatar: Social Media uses and consumption behaviour


Closing Plenary: Chaired by Mark Cote

Taina Bucher and Susanna Paasonen

Sociability at the time of algorithms


Edmond J. Safra Lecture Theatre


Drinks reception
18.30-19.30Chapters (2nd floor King’s Building)