The Centre for Digital Culture at King’s College London is an interdisciplinary research centre promoting research and debate on digital culture: the new social practices, worldviews, values, social interactions, organisational and institutional forms that are emerging at the time of the Internet, smartphones and social media.

The Centre for Digital Culture investigates the impact of technological change across a number of social domains including politics, everyday life, the economy and the arts. It aims at shedding light on both the potentials and risks of the emerging digital society and its most significant manifestations, from open-source software, hacking and digital activism, to the impact of tech giants such as Facebook and Google, the rise of Big Data and the development of crypto-currencies and 3D printing.

The Centre pursues this mission by organising public events, academic symposia and workshops, and facilitating and coordinating research projects.

It holds an annual Digital Culture conference and a number of talks in digital culture and hosts a post-graduate research network in Digital Culture.

To contact the centre write to digitalculture@kcl.ac.uk.

You can follow the centre’s activity on Twitter https://twitter.com/DigiCultureKCL and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DigitalCultureKings/.